What is SoMaCoFit?

SoMaCoFit is a MATLAB-based routine that allows you to fit a radial distribution of stains (nano particles or dyes) with a model and apply a model-independent inversion method to obtain a 3D density profile of the stains distributed in e.g. a microgel particle. The software was compiled for both Windows 7 64 bit ( and Mac OS x (

Both packages contain exemplary testdata (SoMaCoFit_Testdata_to_read.txt), which can be used to get familiar with the software.

Requirements:Windows 7 or Mac OS XMatLab Runtime R2016a (9.0.1)

Where can I get SoMaCoFit?

The version of SoMaCoFit which was used to write the paper linked is below is available and hence archived at RWTH Publications.

Download SoMaCoFit for 64 bit Windows:

Download SoMaCoFit for Mac:

All future versions and additional models will be available here.

Where does SoMaCoFit come from?

SoMaCoFit was developed while and for writing the paper linked below.

3D Structures of Responsive Nanocompartmentalized Microgels
A. P. H. Gelissen, A. Oppermann, T. Caumanns, P. Hebbeker, S. K. Turnhoff, R. Tiwari, S. Eisold, U. Simon, Y. Lu, J. Mayer, W. Richtering, A. Walther, D. Wöll
Nano Letters, 2016, 16(11), 7295-7301.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b03940