Microgel-cell interactions

In this project, we will investigate the interactions of soft microgels in the size range of 40–500 nm radius with cells. Through the preparation of microgels that allow the alteration of their structural features non-invasively, on-line, and during their observation, we aim to gain a conceptual understanding of how their properties affect their adsorption to cell surfaces as well as their translocation into cells and, ultimately, their fate inside the cell. We will initially use human embryonic kidney (HEK293) and immortal human cervical cancer cells (HeLa) as both are representative and well-described human cellular model systems. Depending on the progress of parallel SFB projects, we are prepared to include additional relevant cell types in our experimental portfolio.

Principle Investigators

Richtering, Walter, Prof. Dr.
Institute of Physical Chemistry
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80 94760

Spehr, Marc, Prof. Dr.
Institute for Biology II / Dept. Chemosensation
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80 20802

Göstl, Robert, Dr.
DWI – Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80 23345