Current Publications of the SFB 985 – Functional Microgels and Microgel Systems

Photoinduced Mechanical Cloaking of Diarylethene-Crosslinked MicrogelsS. He, S. Schog, Y. Chen, Y. Ji, S. Panitz, W. Richtering, R. GöstlAdvanced Materials, 35 / 41, 2370297 2023
Kinetic Modeling of a Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam-co-glycidyl methacrylate) Microgel Synthesis: A Hybrid In Silico and Experimental ApproachT. Nevolianis, N. A. Wolter, L. F. Kaven, L. Krep, C. Huang, A. Mhamdi, A. Mitsos, A. Pich, K. LeonhardIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry, 62/2, 893–902 2023
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Microgels as Platforms for Antibody-Mediated Cytokine ScavengingS. Boesveld, Y. Kittel, Y. Luo, A. Jans, B. . Oezcifci, M. Bartneck, C. Preisinger, D. Rommel, T. Haraszti, S. P. Centeno, A. J. Boersma, L. De Laporte, C. Trautwein, A. J. C. Kuehne, P. StrnadAdvanced Healthcare Materlials, 2300695 2023
Self-Healing of Charged Microgels in Neutral and Charged EnvironmentsA. V. Petrunin, M. M. Schmidt, R. Schweins, J. E. Houston, A. ScottiLangmuir, 39/22, 7530–7538 2023
Mechanochemical Synthesis of Stimuli Responsive MicrogelsC. Hu, P. van Bonn, D. E. Demco, C. Bolm, A. PichAngewandte Chemie International Edition 2023
Magnetically Actuable Complex-Shaped Microgels for Spatio-Temporal Flow ControlL. Steinbeck, D. L. Braunmiller, H. J. M. Wolff, V. Huettche, J. Wang, M. Wessling, J. J. Crassous, J. LinkhorstAdvanced Materials Interfaces, 2300044 2023
Buckling and Interfacial Deformation of Fluorescent Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgel CapsulesF. Hagemans, F. Camerin, N. Hazra, J. Lammertz, F. Dux, G. Del Monte, O.-V. Laukkanen, J. J. Crassous, E. Zaccarelli, W. RichteringACS Nano, 17/8, 7257–7271 2023
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3D Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging of MicrogelsO. Nevskyi, D. WöllAnnual Review of Physical Chemistry, 74 2023
Membrane-Mediated Interactions Between Nonspherical Elastic ParticlesJ. Midya, T. Auth, G. GompperACS Nano, 17, 3, 1935–1945 2023
Thermally and Magnetically Programmable Hydrogel MicroactuatorsM. Saadli, D. L. Braunmiller, A. Mourran, J. J. CrassousScientific Reports, 2207035 2023
Characterization of Galectin Fusion Proteins with Glycoprotein Affinity Columns and Binding AssaysC. Dey, P. Palm, L. EllingMolecules, 28(3) 2023
Understanding the Monomer Deuteration Effect on the Transition Temperature of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgels in H2OT. Nevolianis, A. Scotti, A. V. Petrunin, W. Richtering, K. LeonhardPolymer Chemistry, 14, 1447-1455 2023
Hollow, pH-Sensitive Microgels as Nanocontainers for the Encapsulation of ProteinsS. K. Wypysek, S. P. Centeno, T. Gronemann, D. Wöll, W. RichteringMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2200456 2023
Wrapping anisotropic microgel particles in lipid membranes: Effects of particle shape and membrane rigidityX. Liu, T. Auth, N. Hazra, M. F. Ebbesen, J. Brewer, G. Gompper, J. J. Crassous, E. SparrProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 120 (30), e2217534120 2023
Overcoming Non-Specific Interactions for Efficient Encapsulation of Doxorubicin in Ferritin Nanocages for Targeted Drug DeliveryM. Budiarta, S. Roy, T. Katenkamp, N. Feliu, T. BeckSmall, 2205606 2023
DISSOLVE: Database of ionic solutes’ solvation free energiesT. Nevolianis, M. Baumann, N. Viswanathan, W. A. Kopp, K. LeonhardFluid Phase Equilibria, 571, 113801 2023
Tuning the Porosity of Dextran Microgels with Supramacromolecular Nanogels as Soft Sacrificial TemplatesS. Bulut, S.-H. Jung, T. Bissing, F. Schmitt, M. Bund, S. Braun, A. PichSmall, 2303783 2023
Pre-Programmed Rod-Shaped Microgels to Create Multi-Directional Anisogels for 3D Tissue EngineeringD. L. Braunmiller, S. Babu, D. B. Gehlen, M. Seuss, T. Haraszti, A. Falkenstein, J. Eigen, L. De Laporte, J. J. CrassousAdvanced Functional Materials, 32/50, 2202430 2022
Cu2+ tunable temperature-responsive Pickering foams stabilized by poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-vinyl imidazole) microgel: Significance for Cu2+ recovery via flotationJ. Xu, H. Qiao, K. Yu, M. Chen, C. Liu, W. Richtering, H. ZhangChemical Engineering Journal, 442,2, 136274 2022
Beyond simple self-healing: How anisotropic nanogels adapt their shape to their environmentA. C. Nickel, A. R. Denton, J. E. Houston, R. Schweins, T. S. Plivelic, W. Richtering, A. ScottiJournal of Chemical Physics, 157, 194901 (2022) 2022
Controlled Covalent Self-Assembly of a Homopolymer for Multiscale Materials EngineeringX. Bai, Q. Sun, H. Cui, L. P. Busca Guerzoni, S. Wuttke, F. Kiessling, L. De Laporte, T. Lammers, Y. ShiAdvanced Materials, 34/39, 2109701 2022
In-situ study of the impact of temperature and architecture on the interfacial structure of microgelsS. Bochenek, F. Camerin, E. Zaccarelli, A. Maestro, M. M. Schmidt, W. Richtering, A. ScottiNature Communications, 13, 3744 (2022) 2022
Harnessing the polymer-particle duality of ultra-soft nanogels to stabilise smart emulsionsA. V. Petrunin, S. Bochenek, W. Richtering, A. ScottiPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics, advance article 2022
How Softness Matters in Soft Nanogels and Nanogel AssembliesA. Scotti, M. F. Schulte, C. G. Lopez, J. J. Crassous, S. Bochenek, W. RichteringChemical Reviews, 122, 13, 11675–11700 2022
Experimental determination of the bulk moduli of hollow nanogelsA. Scotti, U. Gasser, A. V. Petrunin, L. Fruhner, W. Richtering, J. E. HoustonSoft Matter, 18, 5750-575 2022
Globular Hydrophilic Poly(acrylate)s by an Arborescent Graftingfrom SynthesisJ. R. Höhner, R. A. Gumerov, I. I. Potemkin, C. Rodriguez-Emmenegger, N. Y. Kostina, A. Mourran, J. Englert, D. Schröter, L. Janke, M. MöllerMacromolecules, 55/6, 2222-2234 2022
Changes in the Form Factor and Size Distribution of Nanogels in Crowded EnvironmentsT. Höfken, C. Strauch, S. Schneider, A. ScottiNano Letters, 22/6, 2412–2418 2022
Microgels in Tandem with Enzymes: Tuning Adsorption of a pH- and Thermoresponsive Microgel for Improved Design of Enzymatic BiosensorsL. V. Sigolaeva, D. V. Pergushov, S. Y. Gladyr, I. N. Kurochkin, W. RichteringAdvanced Materials Interfaces, 9 / 17, 2200310 2022
Targeted Fucosylation of Glycans with Engineered Bacterial Fucosyltransferase VariantsV. Heine, H. Pelantová, P. Bojarova, V. Křen, L. EllingChemCatChem, 14/6, e202200037 2022
Photo- and thermo-responsive microgels with supramolecular crosslinks for wavelength tunability of the volume phase transition temperatureW. Liang, C. G. Lopez, W. Richtering, D. WöllPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24, 14408-14415 2022
Cononsolvency of thermoresponsive polymers: where we are now and where we are goingS. Bharadwaj, B.-J. Niebuur, K. Nothdurft, W. Richtering, N. F. van der Vegt, C. M. PapadakisSoft Matter, 18, 2884 – 2909 2022
Jet-driven viscous locomotion of confined thermoresponsive microgelsI. Tanasijević, O. Jung, L. Koens, A. Mourran, E. LaugaApplied Physics Letters, 120, 104101 2022
Functionalized Microgel Rods Interlinked into Soft Macroporous Structures for 3D Cell CultureD. Rommel, M. Mork, S. Vedaraman, C. Bastard, L. P. Busca Guerzoni, Y. Kittel, R. Vinokur, N. Born, T. Haraszti, L. De LaporteAdvanced Science, 9/10, 2103554 2022
Interfacial Assembly of Anisotropic Core–Shell and Hollow MicrogelsA. C. Nickel, A. A. Rudov, I. I. Potemkin, J. J. Crassous, W. RichteringLangmuir, 38, 4351–4363 2022
Microgels react to force: mechanical properties, syntheses, and force-activated functionsM. F. Schulte, E. Izak-Nau, S. Braun, A. Pich, W. Richtering, R. GöstlChemical Society Reviews, 51, 2939-2956 2022
Master of Chaos and Order: Opposite Microstructures of PCL-coPGA-co-PLA Accessible by a Single CatalystS. Herres-Pawlis, R. D. Rittinghaus, J. Zenner, A. Pich, M. KolAngewandte Chemie International Edition, 61/11, e202112853 2022
Resolving the different bulk moduli within individual soft nanogels using small-angle neutron scatteringJ. E. Houston, L. Fruhner, A. de la Cotta, J. R. González, A. V. Petrunin, U. Gasser, R. Schweins, J. Allgaier, W. Richtering, A. Fernandez-Nieves, A. ScottiScience Advances, 8/26, eabn6129 2022
Tuning the Elasticity of Nanogels Improves Their Circulation Time by Evading Immune CellsP. Desai, A. Florea, R. A. Gumerov, M. Santi, A. S. Sorokina, S. E. M. Sahnoun, T. Fischer, F. M. Mottaghy, A. Morgenroth, A. Mourran, I. I. Potemkin, M. Möller, S. SinghAngewandte Chemie, 61/20, e202116653 2022
Fabrication, Flow Assembly, and Permeation of Microscopic Any‐Shape ParticlesA. Lüken, L. Stüwe, S. Rauer, J. Oelker, J. Linkhorst, M. WesslingSmall, 2107508 2022
Translating Therapeutic Microgels into Clinical ApplicationsY. Kittel, A. J. C. Kuehne, L. De LaporteAdvanced Healthcare Materlials, 11, 2101989 2022
Methods of in vitro study of galectin-glycomaterial interactionV. Heine, C. Dey, P. Bojarova, V. Křen, L. EllingBiotechnology Advances, 58, 107928 2022
Anisotropic Microgels by Supramolecular Assembly and Precipitation Polymerization of Pyrazole-Modified MonomersF. Grabowski, V. Petrovskii, F. Fink, D. E. Demco, S. Herres-Pawlis, I. I. Potemkin, A. PichAdvanced Science, 9/36, 2204853 2022
Geometrical influence on particle transport in cross-flow ultrafiltration: Cylindrical and flat sheet membranesG. Park, G. NägeleMembranes, 11/12, 960 2021
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A new generation of terminal copper nitrenes and their application in aromatic C–H amination reactionsF. Thomas, M. Oster, F. Schön, K. C. Göbgen, B. Amarouch, D. Steden, A. Hoffmann, S. Herres-PawlisDalton Transactions, 50, 6444-6462 2021
Characterization of the volume fraction of soft deformable microgels by means of small-angle neutron scattering with contrast variationA. ScottiSoft Matter, 17, 5548-5559 2021
Particle movements provoke avalanche-like compaction in soft colloid filter cakesA. Lüken, L. Stüwe, J. Lohaus, J. Linkhorst, M. WesslingScientific Reports, 11, 12836 (2021) 2021
Is the Microgel Collapse a Two-Step Process? Exploiting Cononsolvency to Probe the Collapse Dynamics of Poly-N-isopropylacrylamide (pNIPAM)K. Nothdurft, D. H. Müller, S. D. Mürtz, A. A. Meyer, L. P. Busca Guerzoni, A. Jans, A. J. C. Kuehne, L. De Laporte, T. Brands, A. Bardow, W. RichteringJournal of Physical Chemistry B, 125 (5), 1503–1512 2021
Adsorption dynamics of thermoresponsive microgels with incorporated short oligo(ethylene glycol) chains at the oil-water interfaceA. Dan, P. Agnihotri, S. Bochenek, W. RichteringSoft Matter, 17 (25), 6127–6139 2021
Automated tangential-flow diafiltration deviceA. Lüken, M. Bruckhaus, U. Kosfeld, M. Emondts, M. WesslingHardwareX, 10, e00200 2021
Controlling Microgel Deformation via Deposition Method and Surface Functionalization of Solid SupportsL. Hoppe Alvarez, A. A. Rudov, R. A. Gumerov, P. Lenssen, U. Simon, I. I. Potemkin, D. WöllPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 4927-4934 2021
Protecting redesigned supercharged ferritin containers against protease by integration into acid-cleavable polyelectrolyte microgelsM. Budiarta, W. Xu, L. Schubert, M. Meledina, A. Meledin, D. Wöll, A. Pich, T. BeckJournal of Colloid and Interface Science, 591, 451-462 2021
Templating the morphology of soft microgel assemblies using a nanolithographic 3D‑printed membraneJ. Linkhorst, J. Lölsberg, J. Lohaus, A. Lüken, G. Nägele, M. WesslingScientific Reports, 11, 812 (2021) 2021
Osmotic pressure of suspensions comprised of charged microgelsA. Scotti, M. Pelaez-Fernandez, U. Gasser, A. Fernandez-NievesPhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 103/1, 012609 2021
Loading of doxorubicin into surface-attached stimuli-responsive microgels and its subsequent release under different conditionsD. V. Pergushov, L. V. Sigolaeva, N. G. Balabushevich, T. Z. Sharifullin, M. Noyong, W. RichteringPolymer, 213, 123227 2021
DNA introduces an independent temperature responsiveness to thermosensitive microgels and enables switchable plasmon coupling as well as controlled uptake and release†S. Eisold, L. Hoppe Alvarez, K. Ran, R. Hengsbach, G. Fink, S. P. Centeno, J. Mayer, D. Wöll, U. SimonNanoscale, 13/5, 2875-2882 2021
Absence of crystals in the phase behavior of hollow microgelsA. Scotti, A. R. Denton, M. Brugnoni, R. Schweins, W. RichteringPhysical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 103/2, 022612 2021
Direct 3D observation and unravelling of electroconvection phenomena during concentration polarization at ion-exchange membranesF. Stockmeier, M. Schatz, M. Habermann, J. Linkhorst, A. Mani, M. WesslingJournal of Membrane Science, 640, 119846 2021
A Modular Fluorescent Probe for Viscosity and Polarity Sensing in DNA Hybrid MesostructuresS. Ludwanowski, A. Samanta, S. Loescher, C. Barner-Kowollik, A. WaltherAdvanced Science, 8/5, 2003740 2020
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