AMicrogels with new structures and/or functionalities will be developed in research area A. While some projects have already a target application in mind that requires new microgels to be designed by new synthetic routes, others will predominantly explore the limits of possible microgel functionalities.

BResearch area B is concerned with the quantitative understanding and modelling of microgel formation and properties as well as the design of reactors and separation units. It is based on the combination of experimental and modelling techniques in order to quantitatively describe microgel systems that are developed and used in project areas A and C, respectively.

CResearch area C is devoted to functional microgel systems for specific applications. It comprises projects in biotechnology, medicine and separation technology, respectively. On the one hand, the applications are based on microgels already available at RWTH Aachen; on the other hand, the projects define essential properties microgels must have in order to meet the requirements of the application.

GThe projects in research area G will develop experimental techniques that are of general relevance for the entire SFB: (i) the quantification of high-resolution microscopy data of microgels and (ii) in-line monitoring of microgel production processes.