Closing the 1–5 μm size gap: Temperature-programmed, fed-batch synthesis of μm-sized microgels

In this paper, we present the fed-batch synthesis of microgels in the 1-5 µm size range. We backed up experimental results with simulations based on mechanistic models. We synthesize specific microgel structures with a minimal number of trial experiment by predicting the required synthesis procedure using model-based simulation and optimization. In the fed-batch experiments presented here, we achieve good agreement with experimental data and are able to determine reasons for the observed increase in the microgel size.

Agnieszka N. Ksiazkiewicz, Luise Bering, Falco Jung, Nadja A. Wolter, Jörn Viell, Alexander Mitsos and Andrij Pich

Please refer to DOI 10.1016/j.cej.2019.122293 for more information.