2nd Joint Summer School on Microgels 2018 organized by SFB 985

After the successful Summer School in 2015, we organized the 2nd Joint Summer School of SFB 985 & Georgia Institute of Technology in July 2018 in Monschau. In total, 84 persons participated in the summer school, of which 50% came from outside of RWTH Aachen. The Georgia Institute of Technology was represented by 5 professors, 1 postdoc and 4 PhD students. Other lecturers and participants came from McMaster University (Canada), La Sapienza University Rome (Italy), North Dakota State University (USA), University of Manchester (Great Britain), ESPCI Paris (France), Moscow State University (Russia), Lund University (Sweden), and University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany).

The program included lectures on:
• Synthesis strategies for functionalized microgels
• Characterization techniques for microgels
• Computer simulations on different length scales
• Physical properties and behavior of microgels and microgel suspensions
• Applications and uses of microgels across disciplines

All participants had the opportunity to present their scientific work as a poster.

Poster session Summer School 2018
Impressions from the 2nd Joint Summer School